Since 2015 Niklas Kraft creates sound and music for various productions in theater.

He worked with Alexander Eisenach (Volksbühne Berlin, Schauspiel Hannover), Robert Borgmann (Schauspiel Köln), Sahar Rahimi (Ballhaus Ost) & Martin Laberenz (Schauspiel Stuttgart).

WOLF (Sahar Rahimi)

Artwork by Joscha Eckert

»The Wolf is crying and weeping in pain
As his love for little red is in vain
She has a crush on the handsome hunter*
And luckily, it’s them who want her
So sorry Wolf, you have to say bye
I guess in this story you have to die«
(old saying)

The lovesick wolf drowns his sorrow in blood, tears and karaoke songs.
As one of the last representatives of a world order that is about to perish, he tells us his version of the story. It is unwilling to listen to any arguments until the other protagonists, Little Red Riding Hood and the huntsman, finally enter the scene. The wolf is dead, long live the wolf. Heralding a new age, we celebrate with them the brief utopian moment of love and solidarity, which will soon mutate into new forms of oppression.

Based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, WOLF tells a bloodthirsty lovestory, which for one moment allows a vision of freedom to shine through, before the revolution devours its children again in the eternal cycle of eating and being eaten.
In haunting images the queer performers couple Lucy Wilke and Lotta Ökmen and Sahar Rahimi & Team put together a narration about the very last rebellion of the old systems and the rise of the new ones. About identity-political clamor, romantic chatter and false intestines.

Duration: 50 minutes
Performance in English and German

Performance Lucy Wilke, Lotta Ökmen Text, direction Sahar Rahimi Lights, video, set design Joscha Eckert  Sound Niklas Kraft Artistic collaboration Golnaz Farmani Figure construction Veit Kowald, Benedikt Gahl Costume Nadine Bakota Voice Joshua Lerner Production management ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro Production assistance Nike Hartmond


Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin Anthropos, Tyrann (Ödipus) von Alexander Eisenach nach Sophokles

Premiere im Livestream mit 360°-Perspektive am 19.02.21, 19:30 auf und YouTube, Regie: Alexander Eisenach, Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit: Frank M. Raddatz (Theater des Anthropozän), Bühne: Daniel Wollenzin, Kostüme: Lena Schmid, Pia Dederichs, Musikalische Leitung: Niklas Kraft, Sven Michelson, Licht: Johannes Zotz, Video: Oliver Rossol, Dramaturgie: Ulf Frötzschner, mit: Johanna Bantzer, Manolo Bertling, Sarah Franke, Sebastian Grünewald, Vanessa Loibl, Emma Rönnebeck, Sarah Maria Sander, Musiker: Niklas Kraft, Sven Michelson Copyright (C) Thomas Aurin

IWANOW (Robert Borgmann)

Iwanow von Anton Tschechow Regie: Robert Borgmann Bühne: Rocco Peuker Kostüme: Bettina Werner Musik: Niklas Kraft, Sven Michelson Licht: Michael Frank Dramaturgie: Nina Rühmeier Mitarbeit Dramaturgie: Michaela Kretschmann Foto: David Baltzer Premiere am 09. Dezember 2016 Depot 1


Regie: Alexander Eisenach, Bühne: Daniel Wollenzin, Kostüme: Lena Schmid, Pia Dederichs, Licht: Johannes Zotz, Video und Live-Kamera: Oliver Rossol, Dramaturgie: Hannah Schünemann.
Mit: Sólveig Arnarsdóttir, Johanna Bantzer, Manolo Bertling, Sarah Franke, Katja Gaudard, Sebastian Grünewald, Jella Haase, Robert Kuchenbuch, Daniel Nerlich, Emma Rönnebeck sowie Sven Michelson, Niklas Kraft (Musiker).
Premiere am 27. August 2020