Niklas Kraft is a musician, producer and sound artist.

Since many years he works in the left field music scene around Berlin, Leipzig & Hamburg as an instrumentalist, composer, producer, DJ and mastering engineer.
He’s a founding member of several music projects and collaborations (such as: ITOE, snakesoda, Air Cushion Finish, Pandt, Holz, Suedhang ADR, JEN_accidental, … ) .

His love for electronic music productions with modular synthesizers and various DAW’s is spread under his alter ego’s 26-66, nkls & Talski.
He is founder of the remote music labels “fluessig” & “DUR”, which are evolving platforms for being “genre-less” and releasing open sound experimentations, also in combination with forms of text and visual arts since 2015.

During the last 10 years he released his music for various labels and open plattforms (such as: fluessig, Lullabies for Insomniacs, Kashual Plastik, Paradise Now, Kinship, Aequalis, Escapism, DUR, Rivulet & Compost).

Besides his work in theater (Volksbühne Berlin, Schauspiel Köln, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Schauspiel Hannover), he’s interested in producing experimental radio plays, sound installations and videos.

Since 2016 Niklas lives and works in Berlin.