I T O E (In Terms Of Eigentlichkeit)

ITOE is a collective of musicians, heavily leaning against the walls of musical genres, commonly used structures of free improvisation and traditional performance practice. 

Founded in 2013, the ensemble has worked with many different musicians and visual artists in order to communicate how they feel about the world.

They released already two studio albums and a bunch of digital open source releases. Since 2021 the trio is working on the project “Slip Of Success”, which is planned to be a full length music movie, shot by Michl Petri.

[ Opposizione (Soft) – Released April, 2021 / 12″ Vinyl & Digital ]

[ Untitled (1) – Released April 2017 / 12″ Vinyl & Digital ]

[ Return The Book Of Knowledge – Released April 2017 / 12″ Vinyl & Digital ]


Three individuals. They cry for help. A burning fire inside..

[ Forthcoming 18 ]

[ Snowcrash – Released June 2018 / Tape & Digital ]

[ Transmigraition – Released Feb 2021 / Digital ]

[ Various Vol II – Released Sep 2018 / Tape & Digital ]


Otherw is a side project of Zooey Agro, Rahel Hutter, Philip Teurer & Niklas Kraft, finding new portals through otherworldly concepts of improvisation. A Soft Utopia..

[ “Trees” – Released July, 2021 / Album / Digital ]


A collaboration with hidden links to cosmic interferences.

Rahel Hutter and Niklas Kraft have been sharing a certain spirit for the last ten years in various constellations in the field of free improvised music and performance art. Since the two friends live in Berlin, they captured the idea of making music together with various instruments and DAW’s, looking for alienation of sound and text fragments.

This specific cooperation is a living process that explores the very essence of which it is made of – the state of being in a permanent extended dialogue.

[ Hidden Links – Released June, 2020 / 12″ Vinyl & Digital ]

[ Cold Heart (Transcendental Love Songs) – Released Dec 2021/ Digital ]

[ Mikropops – Released Sep, 2018 / Digital ]

Suedhang ADR

The two friends Karl Rothe & Niklas Kraft teamed up for sound explorations and hardware electronic sessions. They live in different cities plus on their own planet when it comes to musical creativity.

The Album „Mülheim“ was recorded during a residency in Mühlheim an der Ruhr in 2018 and came out on sunny tapes in late 2019.

Right now they are working on their second release, which will come in a digital archive-like form, containing their various live recording sessions between 2017 – 2021.

[ “Mülheim” – Released September, 2019 / Album / Tape & Digital ]

[ YSPS021 – Released September, 2019 / Live Set / Digital ]