unboxed conspiracies

A reflectionary sum up. Deconspiring and unboxing the world of lossless loss..

“unboxed conspiracies” – Selfreleased, Dec 2017 / Digital

>> endless realms of parasyllabizisms / see the polyabnorm glaciers reflecting our innerst / unlimited needs / light transmitter / staying soft / star crossed lovers / natural grown hair / killing pride / still crystals / unboxed conspiracies / lost and found / doors shut / re response or lie / lose my number / wipe my soul / identify your breast / despite your fear / i’m suspended, no air up there / trust might grow again / vibrating nuts / blasing sun / the surge of suffering the soul corrupts the soul / this is the time for all prisoners to run wild / turn the eyes as if you see some hope / it grows during the nights / standing dead centre / behind white men‘s thurst / one after another after another / the line where the eye persists / in seeing something uplifting / vice versa / doctors are my only friend / golden jail / howling teachers / shards of interest.

dreamers license (archive)

The still ongoing project in the field of “dream music” and “meditational loops” – more infos soon..